Battambang students 2010

HCP students at UME Battambang – 4th generation (2010)
(Updated 1 November 2011)

In 2010 the UME-BB intake originally included five students. Missing from the photos is Vann Vibol, who withdrew from UME-BB during his 2nd semester after receiving a scholarship to study agriculture in Thailand. Vibol has indicated that he still intends to meet his 2.5 year HCP obligation after he graduates (if he gets a sufficient income).

Sung Nann withdrew from UME-BB in the 1st semester after receiving a scholarship from another University. This highlights the need to arrange HCP financing after other scholarships have been finalised. The remaining students expect to graduate in 2014.

Ly Chanritthy (2010)

Sung Nann (2010)

He Davit (2010)

Soeun Sim (2010)


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