Battambang students 2009

HCP students at UME Battambang – 3rd generation (2009)
(Updated 1 November 2011)

The 2009 intake was originally scheduled to be six students, but was expanded to ten when the University agreed to allow these students a discounted tuition fee. As such, the full obligation for these students is eight years (instead of the normal ten years).

Chay Sochea withdrew in the 1st semester, and now works on her family farm. Yoeurn Nga and Sou Chan Thin were able to pay for two years themselves, and so their future HCP obligation was reduced to four years. Nga will graduate in 2012 while Thin (who already has a job) will graduate in 2013. Saloun and Saloeuth (brothers) expect to graduate in 2012, having already completed one year of University themselves. Their future HCP obligation will be for six years. All other students will graduate in 2013.

Chay Sochea (2009)

Chhen Chann Chhporn (2009)

Sou Chanthin (2009)

Nget Vechhai (2009)

Phon Pisith (2009)

Van Chamroeun (2009)

Youern Nga (2009)

Kuch Sophy (2009)

Kieng Saloeuth (2009)

Kieng Saloun (2009)


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