Battambang students 2007

HCP students at UME Battambang — 1st generation (2007)
(Updated 1 November 2011)

Chamnan graduated in 2010, and started working at Vision Fund. She had a HCP obligation of six years, but asked to pay 20% for three years, which was approved. She has been paying $30/month into the HCP account in Cambodia since October 2010.

Puthearithy (Rithy) and Saroum graduated in 2011. Rithy is currently unemployed. Saroum works for a mobile phone company and wants to pay 20% to reduce his obligation from ten to five years.

The original plan for 2007 was to have five students, but one student withdrew during the 1st semester (Douk Chantrea) and another student never received HCP financing, so that money was held over for a future year (held by Kong Pov).

Phlong Puthearithy (2007)

Nhim Chamnan (2007)

Chim Saroum (2007)


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