Trip report (Sept 2010)

9 09 2010

06/09 (Mon) — Fly out of Brisbane at 1am, brief stop-over in Brunei, and arrive in Bangkok in the afternoon. Check into a cheap guesthouse near Khao San road. Have a few beers & pad thai with a Kiwi flight instructor and have an early night.

07/09 (Tue) — Relaxing day in Bangkok: reading, massage, local food, internet, shopping, and book bus to Cambodia.

08/09 (Wed) — Early bus to Cambodia, which goes much smoother than previously. Speaking a few words of the language and moving with confidence seems to stop the usual attempts at over-charging at the border. Changed my plans at the border and decided to skip Siem Reap… instead heading straight for Battambang to start work. Checked into my usual hotel (Chhaya) and went out for dinner with some UME staff. Phann Sophon has now left UME to work for a rice exporting company and has been replaced by Chan Sam An as the Vice-President (International).

09/09 (Thur) — Raya Nhoung was not available today, so I spent the day on other projects and went to bed early.

10/09 (Fri) — Went in to UME and met with Raya and Sam An. Spoke with finance and academics office about getting updated information on students and also met with UME President (Tun Peakday). Found out that one student wanted to pay for one year of their course, so would only need HCP for three years of their degree. In the late afternoon Sam An took me out to the “death lake” for a quiet drink and chat.

11/09 (Sat) — No HCP work today, so spent my time on other projects.

12/09 (Sun) –Met with the first HCP graduate Nhim Chamnan. While she still needs to finish her thesis (probably in October) she has finished her coursework and has already started working for the micro-finance arm of World Vision. She will start her personal equity payments as of September 2010. In the afternoon I went with Phann Sophon to the recording studio to help in putting together a radio advert that will promote UME & HCP. In the evening I met with Long Samnang and other Cambodian friends.

13/09 (Mon) — [PLAN: meeting with new applicants]

14/09 (Tue) — [PLAN: meeting with old students; interviews with new applicants]

15/09 (Wed) — [PLAN: sign contracts with new students; pay university]

16/09 (Thur) — [PLAN: get a bus to Phnom Penh]

17/09 (Fri) — [PLAN: go to Kampong Cham with Muon Veasna

18/09 (Sat) —

19/09 (Sun) —

20/09 (Mon) —

21/09 (Tue) —

22/09 (Wed) —

23/09 (Thur) —

24/09 (Fri) —

25/09 (Sat) —

26/09 (Sun) —

27/09 (Mon) — [PLAN: fly back from Bangkok to Brisbane]




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