2008 intake

22 11 2008

In October I went back to Cambodia to arrange the 2nd (2008) intake of students.

For the University of Management and Economics in Battambang (UME-BB) there were some problems with two of the students. Unfortunately, one student had to drop out of university. This is one of the risks that HCP takes. We now have six students at UME-BB (two females, four males).

In addition, HCP is now dealing with a 2nd university. We have a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Management and Economics in Kampong Cham (UME-KC), and are now supporting four students from that university (three females, one male).

With a total of ten students, we also needed to expand the number of sponsors. We now have seven sponsors (and a big thank-you to those people), who support a total of nine students. With the USD/AUD exchange rate very poor HCP ran at a loss this year of about A$700.

HCP does not collect money from the sponsors until after the universities have been paid for the students. As the money has now been paid out and I’m back in Australia, the next step is to collect the pledged money.




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